• Pure Oakland Water (POW) funds are predominately used for student educational programs in the area of water conservation, water resource preservation, and related environmental and sustainable practices. 
  • POW also will fund a limited number of student scholarships and internships when financially possible.  Such scholarships and internships may be provided to universities and non-profits or governmental organizations with which we organize programs or projects.
  • Our funding is available to organizations and projects in the Southeast Michigan region and its watersheds, with an emphasis in Oakland County.
  • Top priorities for our funding currently include water festivals in the region, as well as town hall meetings, summits and educational conferences.
  • Our annual grants budget and funding is always based on our financial resources, income and fundraising.
  • POW does not seek unsolicited proposals nor will it fund projects outside our priorities listed above. Organizations that wish to have proposals considered should first speak with a member of the POW Board of Directors or an Officer of the organization with the concept and estimated cost.  They may then be invited to provide a simple proposal for future board consideration and other information as requested


  • In 2018 we are creating a mini grants program to begin funding physical green infrastructure projects, education and outreach
  • In 2019 we will identify and finance initiatives that support environmental education for high school students
  • By 2020 we will have doubled the number of nonprofits and events we support and sponsor