Pure Oakland Water is a Michigan not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting Oakland County and regional water resources through public education, community organizing, environmental advocacy, and promotion of a sustainable future.



Pure Oakland Water (POW) strives to fulfill its mission through a host of educational, outreach and advocacy programs for students, residents, the business community, elected officials and other stakeholders across the region.


In partnership with the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner (WRC) we support, help coordinate and implement annual water festivals for each of the river watersheds across Southeast Michigan, including the Clinton River Water Festival, the Rouge River Water Festival, the Huron River Water Festival, and the Detroit River Water Festival.  These events reach thousands of students, teachers, and parents with educational programs that teach water and soil conservation, pollution control, and similar environmental lessons.  We conduct an annual calendar contest for thousands of  younger students that provides similar water resource protection education.


POW also works with the WRC to convene an annual stormwater summit each year targeting local and state officials, officeholders, corporate and industry allies, and folks in academia with best practices and innovative programming to reduce runoff pollution, cut costs, and protect lakes and rivers with green infrastructure and reduced sewage overflows.   


We support efforts to increase energy efficiency and cleaner energy sources, and provide forums and town hall meetings that help educate the population to risks to their water resources from drilling and “fracking” activities in the region.


POW also uses its resources to provide for scholarships and internships at local universities and environmental agencies.  The recipients of these programs will go on to make careers in the field of conservation, environmental preservation, and water resource protection.   




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