2018 Regional Stormwater Summit Video

Real Time Stormwater Monitoring

Designing GI for Climate Resiliency

Green Infrastructure Champions: Advancing Green Stormwater Solutions Across the Great Lakes Basin

Regional Stormwater Standards - Coordination Effort

Getting Through Green Infrastructure Barriers . . . Without Crashing the Car

Determining Strategies for Removing Barriers to Green Infrastructure Implementation

Royal Oak's Implementation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The Great Lakes Stormwater Collaborative

Land+WaterWORKS: Changing the Landscape for Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Detroit

POW Mini-grants Update: Huron River Watershed Council

POW Mini-grants Update: Clinton River Watershed Council

POW Mini-grants Update: Friends of the Rouge

Stormwater Ambassador Program

Supporting Community Designed Infrastructure Using Video Game Technology

Erie Hack Innovation Challenge Overview

Next Generation Real-Time Water Sensor Integrated with High Power Miniaturized Batteries





2017 Regional Stormwater Summit Video

A Changing Climate: The City of Mississauga’s Response

Oakland County Water-Energy Nexus: Sustainable Asset Management

Transformation of the Ford Dearborn Campus

Pavement Sealants and PAH Contamination: The Threat and Local Action - Part 1

Pavement Sealants and PAH Contamination: The Threat and Local Action - Part 2

Overview of House Bill 4100: Stormwater Utility

FAQs on House Bill 4100: Stormwater Utility

Michigan House Bill 4290 Prevents Unnecessary, Citizen-Funded Legal Fees

FAQs on House Bill 4290: Government Liability for Basement Flooding

SAW Grants - What We Have Learned

Strategic Direction and Community Outcomes: An update on the State's Asset Management Pilot; How YOU are in Control of the Outcome

Bioretention Planting Design for Public Acceptance

Workforce Development Opportunities

Volunteer Maintenance Strategies

The Rising Use of Drones in Water Quality

Planting a Rain Garden in Your Own Yard - Some Practical Advice




2016 Regional Stormwater Summit Video

Economics of Green Infrastructure - Thoughts of a Planner and Engineer

Geddes Avenue - Case Study for Ann Arbor & WCWRC Guidelines

Conneting Stormwater Services to Quality of Life - A Strategy for Action

Detroit Stormwater Rules and Drainage Fee Updates

Comprehensive Modeling & Monitoring of the Urban Water Cycle - The Recovery Park Case Study

Stormwater Rule Changes OCWRC

Historical and Projected Future Climatic Trends in Southeast Michigan

Green Infrastructure - Questions to Think About

Development of New Stormwater Management Rules

Rules and Guidelines - Procedures and Design Criteria for Stormwater Management Systems

Stone School Road - Extendng the Green Upstream

Getting Bacteria out of the Bay - A Green infrastructure Approach to Reducing Beach Closures




When the Water Turns Green

Michigan Water Strategy

Building Resilience to Climate Change through Stormwater Management

Green Infrastructure in Municipal Planning

Integrating Green Infrastructure into Water Quality Solutions: New York City and Beyond

Rebooting Conservation through Urban Spaces

Infrastructure Funding for the 21st Century

Implementing DWSD's Green Infrastructure Program

Park West Drain - Green Infrastructure Project

New Technology: Rapid, Direct Seepage Testing of Environmental Containment Structures

Evolution of the Office of Drain Commissioner

Hydrologic Design of Vegetated Roofs

Track 1 - Main Auditorium

Track 2 - Lear Auditorium




The Storm Water Summit 2014 Presentation video.

The CRWC Green InfraStructure Report video.

Greening Milwaukee -  One drop at a time. By Kevin L. Shafer of MMSD.

The Water (Re)Cycle. Preserving Waterfront Property by Oakland County Water Resources.

MDEQ's Wetland Mitigation Bank Funding (WMBF) program by Michael Pennington of DEQ.

Analyzing Storm Water Runoff through GIS Tree Canopy Analysis by William Ayersman of Davey Resource Group.

Sustainable Landscapes. Tools for Homeowners by Donald Carpenter, Lawrence Tech University.

Environmental Impacts of Water Use, Water Conservation and Storm Water Management by Jeff Edstrom & Sanjiv Sinha of ECT.

Great Lakes Grantmaking by Jodee Raines of Erb Family Foundation.